All that paints the canvas is the shadow of the curtain shifting across its white expanse. I shift with it, uncertain. In the quiet before I lift the brush, I hesitate, knowing the space will never be fuller than in its emptiness. I see in its hard stare the weight of so many moments that came before, pressing against the picture plane—the hum of a ceiling fan, the glowing pattern of a lampshade, street lights at highway speed—each one desperate to be made manifest.

My work is motivated by the space between my experiences of spiritual elevation, and their material manifestations. The longing to pay homage to encounters with heightened emotional reality that can only be referred to in projected metaphor, like light revealing itself in the way it touches surface. Through collapsed attention, everyday moments open themselves to profound meaning, holding a mirror to my own powers of metaphysical perception, a transformation that is paralleled in the relationship between image and abstraction. Still, the work acknowledges its own parameters. In reverence to the depth and breadth of cognitive potential, the material struggles against limits.